Homecoming Fabrics

Homecoming night is an opportunity to go all out with the decorations, so don’t forget the fabrics! Fabrics can transform your space in a big way. Hang them from the ceiling along with strings of lights to cover the walls, or arrange fabric on the floor to create a textual effect. Mix and match different types of fabrics for a cool contrast!

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For an Under the Sea theme, use alternating shades of blue tool and dark blue netting to create a churning ocean effect. The shimmering look of the black metallic eyelash fabric on the walls will create a starry night-like effect, or if you want to take the night sky idea more literally, try the glow star gossamer! The cobblestone patterned gossamer can create a classic cobblestone walkway on the ground, and our burlap fabric is perfect for any of your rustic, outdoorsy themes. The possibilities with our fabrics are endless!

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Fabrics help you create the look that you've imagined for homecoming. Use them to add splashes of school color, create whimsical under the sea scenes, or simply add a touch of class and texture to your venue.